11 February 2019

The Unholy Trinity

Had myself an unwelcome bout of sleep paralysis.

I was in bed, dozing, when I heard my sister calling for me upstairs. Her voice sounded distant, muffled, so I figured I was asleep and dreaming all this and didn’t bother to get up or respond. Then I heard the music from the Pink Floyd song “In the Flesh” playing in the background.

It was if my sister had turned it on at full-volume to rouse me from sleep, though it had the same distant, muffled quality her voice had.

Then I felt myself being shaken. I opened my eyes and saw three figures over me; the first was my father — some 20-30 years younger than he was before his recent passing; the second was a rail-thin man with fine hair and stringy beard who looked vaguely familiar; the third was out in the corner of my eye and I couldn’t see them clearly.

(My sister?)

My father looked kinda-sorta concerned for me, but the second man had something of a malevolent look on his face, and he moved forward in a creepy herky-jerky fashion.

All of them made these unsettling noises, like something between roars and hisses. I shut my eyes and tried to move but couldn’t. Then I felt a weird sensation, like the room was quaking around me. Then it was over and I was fully awake.

(I guess this is what comes of a night spent watching horror movies and reading Hellboy comics.)

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