26 February 2017

From the Dream Archives: My Multiversal Odyssey, Co-Starring Jennifer Connelly, Kurt Cobain, & Deborah Harry


Had two separate dreams. One was relatively normal, the other ... not so much.

In the first dream, I met and got to know Jennifer Connelly. In this dream universe, she was an artist.

(As she is art, I find that most redundant.)

Together, we designed an album cover for an album one of us was putting together. Then we made a short film together.

I then accidentally sat on the LaserDisc it was burned to and it broke into the shape of Batman's emblem.

(And here's a photo of Batman '89 on LaserDisc for your viewing pleasure.)

Finally, at the end of the dream, she kissed me.

(She had nice, full lips.)

The second dream was far more surreal and abstract. It involved me evading robbers robbing a video rental store

(Here's what I think of your 1-day rental policy, suckers.)

and gangstas going on a shooting spree

(Who pissed in their Colt 45s?)

to travel into alternate futures and realities to prevent something of Lovecraftian proportions from happening to the world.

(Obviously, I failed.)

I think Deborah Harry was my spiritual guide in this dream. I also met Kurt Cobain, who had never really died but became some kind of crazy Hindu-like ascetic who'd taken a pair of nuns on as wives.

The dream came to an end with me having to choose one of a countless number of dimensional portals to step through. The right portal would return me to Earth in the proper place and time while the others would leave me stranded in other worlds and/or times with little to no possibility of escape.

(Quinn & co. had it easy.)

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