14 September 2016

Grease: The Greasy Truth Edition

Stripped of its veneer of good music, this is the real story of Grease.


"I like you, Sandy, and you like me. Perhaps this could be the start of something beautiful."

"Oh, but you're a wholesome, clean, all-Australian girl and I'm a greasy nogoodnik who hangs out with a pack of juvenile delinquents (emphasis on juvenile)."

"Time to put on my asshole face and treat you like shit. After all, I can't let the guys know I like girls like you."

"I like Danny, and I know that under the PRICKly exterior he's a nice guy, but nothing is working out between us. What should I do?"

"My girlfriends and I are going to mock you and beat you down 'til you get with the program, bitch!"

"I understand now! In order to be together, Danny and I don't need to respect one another's differences and love each other for who we are. I just need to ..."

"... change to a skank who wears tight leather and sucks carcinogenic toxins down into her lungs."

"Watch us drive away into a future of unwanted pregnancy, mutual loathing, adultery, alcoholism, and possibly spousal abuse."

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