25 November 2016

"Musings from a Rat in a Cage" is now "Dreams of a Rarely-Bit Fiend"

Since creating this blog back in February, I've struggled to find something to post about. Initially, I wanted this to be a place where I could bear my heart and soul on anything that came to mind: theology; morality; philosophy; politics; art; movies; TV shows; music; books; and various general topics. However, I came to realize that I'm just not comfortable commenting on many of those subjects. I often find it hard trying to take my thoughts and feelings, put them into some reasonable order, and express them in words; I simply don't have the knack for it. So, to avoid making an ass of myself, I abandoned that lofty route. I then tried posting random nonsense (I am something of an absurdist, and I do have a talent for it.), but I didn't find that direction all that fulfilling.

After some months away from the blog and some time spent thinking things over, I decided I'm going to make this blog my on-line dream journal. Every time I have a particularly interesting dream — and can recall it with any detail — I'll post a description of it here.

Since I'm not a fan of revisionism, I'm not going to delete any of the posts from the time when this blog was "Musings from a Rat in a Cage". They'll remain up, curious mementos from an earlier era.

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