08 December 2016

From the Dream Archives: Cracked Rear Window


I dreamt I was watching a movie with red-and-cyan colour grading

(Y'know, like those two-colour Technicolor films from the '20s & '30s.)

about a man who stabbed his wife to death with a purple plastic pie cutter

(It's not purple, but you get the picture.)

after she found out he was having an affair with her identical twin sister. The twins — played by Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith

— wore the exact same hairstyles Julie Christie sported in the film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

Oh, and after the husband did the deed, he did a piss-poor job covering up his tracks.

Having thought about it, I wish that was a real movie, blatant similarities to Rear Window notwithstanding (It'd probably be better than most of Ms. Smith's films, too.).

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