06 April 2017


I was on a sailing ship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Olivia d'Abo.

He was dressed as Conan the Barbarian while she was content to go around in her birthday suit. 


Needless to say, this turned me on quite a bit and I so desired to do the nasty with her right then and there. Arnold, wanting to help me out, told me that I'd only be able to get her in the sack if I disguised myself as him. Taking his helmet, he put it on my head and I then tried my best Arnold impression. It took me a few tries to get it down; I sounded like a bloody Scotsman before I quickly got it dead-on. Olivia wasn't gonna hang around long enough to give my flimsy masquerade a shot. Bringing her arms together, bending her knees, she leapt off the deck and plunged into the ocean.

Not wanting to lose my chance at her, I dove in after her. After swimming around in the murky water for a time, I located her. Taking her by the leg, I swam up back to the surface and dragged her onto the shore. We then had sex on the beach.

(Two of 'em, in fact. Neither of us are keen on sharing.)

Oh, but then I had one of those dreams within in a dream. I woke up to find my sexcapade with Olivia in the Land of Nod had left me ... a tad unkempt.

To clean things up, I took the plunge into a small pool and swam around for a bit. There were large stones at the bottom of the pool, like I was swimming around in a large-scale fish bowl or aquarium.

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