20 August 2017

The Mini-Bear/My Bisexual, Polyamorous Girlfriend/The All-Girl Lacrosse Game on My Front Lawn/Illya Woloshyn vs. Pat Roach

The family and I won a miniature, cat-like bear by way of a call-in radio show. We initially planned to donate the bear to a zoo, but upon seeing how well our dogs bonded with it, we decided to keep it.

* * *

I got myself a girlfriend.

(She strongly resembled the actress Emily Holmes.)

My mother didn't like her, as she was both bisexual and polyamorous. While I tolerated her promiscuity, I got the sense our relationship wasn't fated to last.

* * *

Two all-girl lacrosse teams were out on my front lawn, playing a match. I recall the colours of one of the team's uniforms: red jerseys with black shorts.

* * *

Illya Woloshyn

and Pat Roach

were out on the streets, surrounded by an audience of hoodlums, engaged in a fierce battle-royale-to-the-death. Illya was using a baseball bat as his weapon of choice while Pat was using an oversized carpenter hammer.

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